The story behind this motif is not just Toto’s hit from 1981. If you want to read the whole story you can find it at the bottom of the page.

Available items

We have the following items with the DE LTDWN design as standard in the shop.

  • Note! This design is ideal for inverting. So if you see too much off-the-shelf printed light on dark – you can also get it inverted or colored.

The story behind the design

Toto’s song „Goodbye Elenore“ tells the story of two people – one of them broke the other’s heart, disappointed and hurt him. At the same time, the injured part of the relationship draws new courage, goes ahead and says: „You broke my heart for the last time“.

Jux & Dollerei had a similar experience in spring 2018 – but from the beginning. We just came back from the Tattoo Convention in Frankfurt – we had to move to a new, larger hall and there were one or two candidates who not only offered help but promised us. No reaction on the day of the move to calls, SMS, WhatsApp etc. – actually until today (2020) no reaction, no excuse – nothing! Very disappointing as you were very good friends.

Nevertheless, we have to be somehow grateful to this delinquent – he helped us with our DE LTDWN and provided us with the attitude: If you mean look closely – now we are rolling up our sleeves. By the way, LTDWN is the translation (without vowels) of disappointment.