At first glance, many cannot read the „FICK DICH“ (FUCK YOU) – but yes, it really says it. The story behind it is at the bottom of the page.

Available items

We have the following items with the DE FXXK design as standard in the shop.

  • Note! This design is ideal for inverting. So if you see too much off-the-shelf printed light on dark – you can also get it inverted or colored.

The story behind the design

Imagine you want to end a relationship and your conversation partner on the phone always thinks he will understand what your reasons are. And you explain it again – and the one at the other end says he understand … but he doesn’t and you repeat it over and over again …

Are you sometime, with breaks in between, looking for words – but you have to find out: You can’t put it any other way. So you take heart: „So … you know …. it’s like this …. … …. ….. ….. FUCK YOU (FICK DICH)!“