This design is the third from the 2020 collection and rounds off the SOCIAL MEDIA theme. You can read the story behind the design below.

In a nutshell you can say: Take off pink glasses from time to time and sweep in front of your own door in the real world. 😉

Available items

We have the following items with the DE CON design as standard in the shop.

The story behind the design

As we searched through the social channels, we noticed that more and more people are no longer able to separate the relationship between the real world and social media.

Every now and then you come across profiles of former companions. Some people think: „Respect what you made of yourself!“ – Others, on the other hand: „Don’t you really notice that you’re fooling yourself?“

The DE CON was created under this premise. The self-irony with which some people merge reality and cyberspace should make us think.