The beginning

It’s the year 2010. The idea to set up a small clothing brand has already matured for a while. The first preliminary designs were made on a whim and the first trial shirts were ordered. Somehow the time had not come. The one printing process is only possible if you take white shirts, the other is extremely expensive and not suitable for high volume production. We immediately said goodbye to the subject of foil. For the direction we had in mind, with all the little details in the motives absolutely inappropriate.


In 2013, things took a more concreter shape. However, it still lacked the right printing method. So we started to deal with screenprinting and realized that it was not so easy like we think. What did we curse? What did we sweat? What have we annoyed? Today we could tell a full-length comedy program that brings tears to the listeners. But if you stay tuned, as we did then, you will become addicted relatively quickly, as in our case. It’s just a passion to handle and print on papers and textiles. The moment in which the sieve is folded up is simply indescribable.

Slowly it's going to work

In 2014, when a dog named Motte showed up, the label has its unofficial start as it is today. This dog was not just a heart dog but of course also a perfect photo motive. One of these photos was later to be modified for screenprinting as the first official motif named “DE MOTTN” (derived from Motte). Since Motte was very ill and one suffering chased the next, we eventually sat down at coffee & amp; cake together and Motte got out of a joke the announcement: “Get a job!” Of course, Motte could not, matured just in this moment the idea of the already finished design just to print on a shirt. The name Jux & Dollerei we did not even have on the screen at that time.

You can watch it with audio by clicking here.

The name of the brand

Unfortunately, after Motte was called into the dog heaven much too early and we also had to nibble on it for a few months, it should be in a curious way. Be serious. We were in a puppy group and contributed by accident the shirt with the DE MOTTN motif on it. The first dog owner came to us and asked us where we have bought it!? “Have we done ourselves, you can get it if you want” was the answer. Whether we have a shop or a website we were asked curiously. “No, we do not even have a name for it, we do it just for fun ( in german Jux & Dollerei”. As the creative head of Jux & amp; Dollerei woke up at night he had the brainstorm: That’s the name! Name rights were checked and domains were ordered the same night. The first online shop came in the following weeks at the start and so launched the label in its current form.

That's what stays

Of course, there were always smaller setbacks, of course not everything is always going according to plan and of course separate common ways sometimes. Is not that bad or at any of you ever raised a child without any problems?

We are still here and do not waste any thought about us or our philosophy, let alone change our quality. We are the best proof that you can realize dreams, that you can build something with a small financial background and little budget. Above all (and that is the most important thing to us) you can create fair-trade clothes that are sustainably produced in germany with vegan colors.